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Interested in joining the Civil Air Patrol?

If you love aviation, aerospace, volunteering, or like being around those who do, there's something for you in the Civil Air Patrol. The best way to serve CAP is to use the skills and training you use in your regular work, if possible. We need people who are not only pilots, but also mechanics, photographers, trainers, radio operators, clerical workers, media relations and other job descriptions as well.

If you want to fly and are not a pilot, or don't even want to be a pilot, you can be trained as an aircrew member and learn about navigation, radio communications, and techniques for locating search objectives. Civil Air Patrol cannot however teach you to fly. Talk to one of our members about flight instruction outside of CAP. No matter what skills you have, we can provide additional training for you. Don't worry about not being qualified.

Visit one of the squadron meetings and get to know us. Find out more about CAP by talking to its members.

The History Channel - Civil Air Patrol: Tactical to Practical


Please call (858) 215-4CAP (4227), our squadron's recorded information and message service, to learn more about our squadron and our missions.

Maj Tom Buscemi
(760) 803-0281

Aircraft Manager
2d Lt Mark Davis
(760) 201-6718